Sleeping Well for Optimal Health

I think we can all agree that there are few things more delicious than a great night’s slumber. It’s the perfect scenario: rising with the shining sun, promptly stepping out of bed with zero grogginess, and embodying the spirit of Carpe Diem. Unfortunately, this scenario is tough for many to realize. There are myriad reasonsContinue reading “Sleeping Well for Optimal Health”

The “All Men” Movement and its Complexities

In current times, a rather vague platitude that echoes often on message boards, social media, in popular culture and in the conversations with our peers is, “Yes, all men.”  This uncompromising statement is referencing a long-stifled female reaction to the discraceful male sexual harassment and molestation lawsuits that have plagued the public sphere in recentContinue reading “The “All Men” Movement and its Complexities”

Taking control of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

It comes once again. The ground hardens and cools; the leaves turn color and fall to the ground. A chill in the air is present. And day by day, the evening comes earlier by a minute, give or take a few seconds. The Autumn equinox has arrived. Some feel joy upon the conclusion of thoseContinue reading “Taking control of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)”

Simone Biles and the Cult of Achievement.

It’s little question that Simone Biles is one of the most successful athletes ever. At 24, she has transcended the notion of the “prime” age for aptitude in women’s elite gymnastics, and her numerous titles (32 in total combining the Olympics and world championships) are a stunning testament to her strength, willpower, and genetic otherworldliness.SheContinue reading “Simone Biles and the Cult of Achievement.”

Three Super Supplements For Brain-Body Health

It’s essentially common knowledge that supplements and vitamins are abundant in our drug and natural wellness stores; but many individuals who would like to take them for body and brain health don’t have an idea of which ones would be the most beneficial. Often, the FDA gets in the way of us forming a concreteContinue reading “Three Super Supplements For Brain-Body Health”

Grace In Productivity

The beginning of a “planned” lifestyle can seem understatedly arduous when one has a mood, thought, or developmental disorder. I recall seeing a humorous Facebook post that listed the multitude duties expected of a “functional” or “successful” human being— the duties in the workplace,  those as part of domestic life, for social situations and for personalContinue reading “Grace In Productivity”

About Gina Ferrara

Hello! I am a former English/SAT Teacher and current Server in my beloved home of downtown Baltimore. I’ve have a degree in English Writing and have always enjoyed furiously penning the things I am passionate about. My interests include cooking, nature, swimming, Buddhism, editing, roller derby, surreal art, bunnies, social politics, women’s issues, and generallyContinue reading “About Gina Ferrara”

Exercise as Therapy–only after Severe Depression Has lifted

Myriad studies have been published in the past few decades discussing the effects of exercise on symptoms for major depression. The general consensus among scientists is that in the majority of cases, regular vigorous exercise mitigates the severity and duration of major depressive disorder. But what about those whose depression is so acute that itContinue reading “Exercise as Therapy–only after Severe Depression Has lifted”