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According to this fact sheet on Statista, a lot of values are in place for maintaining an occupation as their source of income. According to the survey, contributors to job satisfaction, like job interest, income amount, and work environment among others are arguably valuable considerations. Most people want to get by, and others want to reach for the top!

We here on the blog have experienced various encounters making career decisions, applying/practicing skills training and knowledge, and adjusting to different social environments.

This section is for people who are: employees. employers, business owners, educators, and entrepreneurs.

What Is The Metaverse & How It’ll Be As Common As The iPhone
The concept of a metaverse first appeared in science fiction, and is now starting to be explored by companies and in academia. Virtual reality is an emerging technology that many predict will not only make its way into our everyday lives, …
Supreme Court Ends Eviction’s Ban. What’s Next?
It's been notable that the evictions moratorium that lasted since early last year, is coming to a definitive end by the end of August. The ban was originally put in place to prevent any more evictions due to major housing shortages …
Poly Network Users Lose 600+ Million Dollars In Crypto From Hacker
Recently the latest cyberhacking incident took place involving the crypto industry. There was about 600+ million dollars of crypto assets stolen by a hacker on DeFi platform Poly Network. That's quite a lot of money to be stolen into the hands …
Can Netflix Make Amazing Video Games?
There's been news trending on Netflix investing it's technology & financial assets to dig into the video games. If this idea is worth pursing or avoiding remains widely debated. According to CNBC, the streaming service plans to add gaming as part …


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