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According to this fact sheet on Statista, a lot of values are in place for maintaining an occupation as their source of income. According to the survey, contributors to job satisfaction, like job interest, income amount, and work environment among others are arguably valuable considerations. Most people want to get by, and others want to reach for the top!

We here on the blog have experienced various encounters making career decisions, applying/practicing skills training and knowledge, and adjusting to different social environments.

This section is for people who are: employees. employers, business owners, educators, and entrepreneurs.

Cathie Wood & her ARK funds sold their 2.86 million shares of Zillow upon news they are halting their iBuying program & selling 7,000 homes. The stock has fallen 36% this month & Cathie is holding off on Zillow with fear …
Retailers SALIVATING For Coming Baby Boom
Based on pregnancy tests sales increasing 13%, a potential baby boom is speculating & retailers like Costco, Walmart, Target & others are ready. Retailers are welcoming new millennial families with open arms for many reasons. One, order sizes & volume for …
Is Teladoc Undervalued? Healthcare & Technology Team Up.
There are estimates that healthcare in the United States accounts for 20% of GDP. That’s quite a lot of cheddar for doctor’s visits (money that could be used to buy the dip!), but arguably worth the expense if it means living …
Cathie Wood Thinks Gene Editing Tech Can Turn Promises To Reality. So She Bought The Dip.
The more time passes on & science advances, the more science fiction becomes the new normal. With rumbles of the metaverse, internet 3.0, & autonomous vehicles, we are more understanding that imagination is limitless. The fact that we are still in …


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