Taking control of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

It comes once again. The ground hardens and cools; the leaves turn color and fall to the ground. A chill in the air is present. And day by day, the evening comes earlier by a minute, give or take a few seconds. The Autumn equinox has arrived. Some feel joy upon the conclusion of thoseContinue reading “Taking control of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)”

Simone Biles and the Cult of Achievement.

It’s little question that Simone Biles is one of the most successful athletes ever. At 24, she has transcended the notion of the “prime” age for aptitude in women’s elite gymnastics, and her numerous titles (32 in total combining the Olympics and world championships) are a stunning testament to her strength, willpower, and genetic otherworldliness.SheContinue reading “Simone Biles and the Cult of Achievement.”

Grace In Productivity

The beginning of a “planned” lifestyle can seem understatedly arduous when one has a mood, thought, or developmental disorder. I recall seeing a humorous Facebook post that listed the multitude duties expected of a “functional” or “successful” human being— the duties in the workplace,  those as part of domestic life, for social situations and for personalContinue reading “Grace In Productivity”

Exercise as Therapy–only after Severe Depression Has lifted

Myriad studies have been published in the past few decades discussing the effects of exercise on symptoms for major depression. The general consensus among scientists is that in the majority of cases, regular vigorous exercise mitigates the severity and duration of major depressive disorder. But what about those whose depression is so acute that itContinue reading “Exercise as Therapy–only after Severe Depression Has lifted”

Mental Health & Diabetes: Key Things To Know

At the young age of seven, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It’s a diagnosis that turned my world upside down with my mental health along with it. I remember my family doctor telling my mother that she had to rush me to the hospital and couldn’t even stop back at our house toContinue reading “Mental Health & Diabetes: Key Things To Know”

Cognitive Dissonance/Consonance & Britney Spears?

So I was watching this YouTube video (which is always a weird way to start a story nowadays…) & it got to me because of how relevant the contents are to our everyday lives. The Flagrant 2 Podcast team are unfiltered in their thought process & professionals in regards to entertainment & production. But atContinue reading “Cognitive Dissonance/Consonance & Britney Spears?”

Finding The Sunshine

After a year of our world being inundated with COVID-19 regulations and restrictions for our health and wellness, it is clear that there is an aura of darkness clouding our lives that might seem inescapable sometimes. I know I feel it—I’ve seen it on Twitter threads, on Instagram stories, and elsewhere—living in the middle ofContinue reading “Finding The Sunshine”

Dopamine Enables Pleasure-Seeking Behavior

With an understanding of neurotransmitters & human behavior, it’s no secret that dopamine can cause us to do things we would later regret in hindsight. The call to action for making this post was to clarify the relevancy of how one’s environment & access to things can make undesirable behavior more likely to occur. BeingContinue reading “Dopamine Enables Pleasure-Seeking Behavior”

Negativity Bias Explained

Disclaimer: This article may contain hyperlinks, affiliate links, and silly gifs. Suggested use is for 18 & older. Why does the world always feel like it’s ending whenever the news is turned on? How does one negative comment overshadowing ten other positive ones? Why is this person acting like a Debbie Downer? (Highly recommend thisContinue reading “Negativity Bias Explained”

Everything is F*cked. A Book About Hope By Mark Manson

Disclaimer: This article may contain hyperlinks, affiliate links, and silly gifs. Suggested use is for 18 & older. If there was a more honest & realistic book title that describes how the reality of the world is, this book tops all other contenders with a middle finger on one hand, & a Starbucks Frappuccino inContinue reading “Everything is F*cked. A Book About Hope By Mark Manson”