Based on editor’s choice research (to which you can find the link here), only 24% of millennials have basic financial literacy, 44% of Americans do not have $400 saved, and 40% of student loan borrowers are not making any payments. These stats aren’t meant to scare you, but paint a current picture of how financially equipped people are in turbulent times. Money management is as intertwined in our lives as anything else is, if not more than anything else. Here at the blog, we want to make access to understanding money more accessible, more easily approachable, and help people feel more empowered when making big decisions. In this section, expect to read on about tips regarding finances everything from spending habits, saving, investing, opportunity costs, financial products, basic economics, & current events.

This category is for people who are looking to save more money, spend less money, getting into investing, understanding the language of money management and economics.

Do What With My Cash!? Invest It Or Let Its Value Go To 0.
Discover the basic reasons why you should explore your options before keeping your wealth in a standard checking/savings account and how to avoid overreacting if you find unique alternatives. If you haven't already, we recommend you read "How Banks Profit …
Supreme Court Ends Eviction’s Ban. What’s Next?
It's been notable that the evictions moratorium that lasted since early last year, is coming to a definitive end by the end of August. The ban was originally put in place to prevent any more evictions due to major housing …
How Banks Profit From Holding Your Hard-Earned Money.
We want to touch on basic banking processes, the meaning behind those logos on your debit/credit card, and what you should not be doing. Banks are far from unnecessary, & are important for running society. However what they are NOT—is …
Poly Network Users Lose 600+ Million Dollars In Crypto From Hacker
Recently the latest cyberhacking incident took place involving the crypto industry. There was about 600+ million dollars of crypto assets stolen by a hacker on DeFi platform Poly Network. That's quite a lot of money to be stolen into the …
Understanding Data Of Stock Financial Snippets
Let's go over how to understand those bits of information found on the iPhone native finance app, Android application, and other interactive financial data information.  Some of parts of that information like stock price may be straight-forward or maybe not.  But there …


Approximately 28% of adults have no savings set aside for emergencies, while another 36% have yet to start socking away money for retirement. (Source: Saving/investing money shouldn’t be difficult, with Acorns, they take rounded-up change from all your purchases (you spend $1.75, they take 0.25 to put into your account), and use that accumulation of change plus automatic deposits to invest your money the way you want! Plus, when you open an account they give you $5 just for joining!

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