Neil Patel & Eric Siu Reveal 7 Growth Tips for YouTube Views

According to marketing experts Neil Patel & Eric Siu of the Marketing School podcast, they share 7 ways to grow your YouTube channel.

Anyone looking to use YouTube for any purpose, from vlogging to business needs, should be considering all aspects of how their channel is set up.

The duo time-stamped the podcast, & below will be an HTML embedded segment of the actual podcast episode to listen.

Neil Patel & Eric Siu’s 7 Growth Tips To Build YouTube Views Up.

  • [00:36] #1: Promote videos hard within the first 24 hours of release.
  • Example: Share on social feeds, send direct links to interested parties, send alerts via email traffic, paid ads, influencer marketing, & embedded on blog posts.

  • [01:37] #2: Focus on your optimizing video thumbnail.
  • Example: An edited 16:9 ratio image with teaser text & strong imagery to capture eyeballs.

  • [02:13] #3: Evoke curiosity through your titles.
  • Example: A title that provides a preview of what the video will “potentially” be about until you hear about it in greater context.

    A recent example comes from Graham Stephan, a financial analyst on YouTube. He made a video titled “Stop Buying Stocks” but later explained that the stock market continues to rise year-over-year.

  • [02:27] #4: Stay consistent with your content.
  • Example: It’s better to be niche & to stay in one’s lane for expertise than having to make videos on topics unrelated to one another.

    If you make a YouTube channel about dessert, it should only be about dessert & not deviate into other categories. The more niche the better.

    However, broad categories are okay for video content if your channel focus is intentionally about many different topics. This is common for personality videos, vlogs, or entertainment channels that do crazy or outrageous things.

  • [02:46] #5: A video to watch if you want to know how to make engaging content.
  • Example: The longer you can keep your viewers watching your videos the more the YouTube algorithm will favor you. Therefore, watch time is an important metric for YouTube.

  • [03:09] #6: Have a consistent schedule.
  • Example: Having a posting schedule that is consistent gives the audience a greater idea of when to expect content. YouTube will push & recommend more of your videos if there is visible consistency.

    Predictability is important for when subscribers/viewers want to know when content comes out.

  • [03:35] #7: Ask people questions in the middle of your video; it helps virality.
  • Example: Ask the audience what they think about a particular topic, this can help drive comments & for further engagement. This won’t work for all video styles (like music videos) but things like podcasts, interviews, or informative style videos, comments will help.

    All credit belongs to the owner of the podcast & the content involved. They deserve the love & credibility to providing knowledge related to marketing & their content deserves recognition.

    One of my favorite podcasts & check them out on all platforms (not sponsored).

    Consider following them on Spotify.

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