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Acorns takes rounded-up change from all your purchases (you spend $1.75, they take 0.25 to put into your account), and reinvest your money the way you want! Plus, when you open an account they give you $5 just for joining!

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Browse through the largest selection of audiobooks relevant to your goals, desires, aspirations, and financial dreams. Click on the link below for a free trial, download the audible app on your phone, and enjoy!

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Need a freelance project to work on & get compensated for? Or are you looking to hire someone to do independent work on your behalf? Fiverr.com allows independent workers the opportunity to sell off their skills to the highest bidder. Graphics design, resume writing, research analyst, architecture consulting, Fiverrs got your back. If you own a business and need some work completed quickly and timely, Fiverr.com lets you outsource any project to freelancers in other countries of different talents and skill sets.
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FNX Fitness

Get the best products from the world’s most renowned athletes (at least in Utah) including protein powders, pre-workout, CBD oil, and recovery supplements. My favorite has been the Relax Sleep-Aid pills (definitely drink water they’re pretty big) click on this link to check out the item directly! When you subscribe for purchases you automatically save 10% each recurring payment.

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One of my favorite learning platforms is EDX, an online learning site that gives users access to over 2,500 courses. The experts are professors from credible universities such as Harvard, Princeton, & Columbia. Or take courses about computer science from Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM, & Microsoft. Sign up for free and check out their certification options to which you can show on your resume and LinkedIn profile!

Hello Bar

Hello Bar gives website owners additional marketing tools to increase conversions on direct calls to action. Whether that’s securing emails, share announcements, direct to a URL, or boost social media influence. Hello Bar creates pop-ups friendly to search visits & website infrastructure. Small bubble alerts, top of page bar, or page takeovers help direct consumers. Check out their pricing plan for additional benefits or create a free account to try out the features on your site!

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Online-Therapy.com has a team of therapists trained in CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) with evidence-based approaches to dealing with an assortment of issues. They are based entirely online with video-chats, free resources, and a chatbot option after answering a few quick questions about how to best help you. Click on the link below for 20% off your first sessions!

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Create masterful designs of your very own with little or no graphic design experience. Canva gives users a powerful dashboard of options like templates, marketing ideas, and a million plus options to manifest ideas into reality. They have blog posts and tutorials to assist users on social media marketing, email campaigns, online poster designs, and business cards. Start a free account or subscribe to Pro with a free month trial for additional member options.
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Collaborate & Create Amazing Graphic Design for Free

Animal Pak

Check out Animal Pak’s products with a selection of both apparel & supplements. They protein, recovery, BCAAs, pre-workouts, & fat burning supplements to help push through to the next level. They support all athletes & military personnel with special offers they announce.

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Motley Fool

Motley Fool money helps investors take the legwork out of research by offering premium services related to investing. They can offer recommendations on portfolios to pick from. Some of their options have outperformed the S&P 500 index. Click here to be redirected to their site.


From drone pilots, to social media experts, to hockey coaches, to Ted Talkers, and financial analysts, join a league of professionals to teach courses online! Examine case studies, sell individual courses, start a membership subscription, have access to a wide variety of tools and marketing techniques right at your fingertips!

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Thinkific – Medium


This is the ideal place to create video animations. Tell a story, do a product demonstration, create informative videos. Use it for business, school, YouTube, introductions, or even for fun with friends. Create a free account today to try out all the features, or pay for monthly subscription.

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Want to know if the world is thinking about you? Brand24 is ideal for businesses large or small who are very customer-centered. This site gives their customers access to see if their brand name has popped up over the web. Social media platforms, review sites, blogs, YouTube descriptions, check out the feedback from people good or bad.

Go to Brand24.com to be on top of your reputation.

Brand24 - The Social Listening Tool You Need Today


Stop with spending hours trying to perfect your resume when there’s easier ways to do it. TopResume helps users create a beautiful well-rounded resume & other services like help with cover letters & a LinkedIn profile. You can make monthly plans for each service along with free access to their career advice section. Stop wasting time and get their help with this link here.

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